planting instructions

planting instructions

Planting Instructions

To plant blueberries pick a dry day, dig a hole about 1 ft deep, 2 feet wide (slightly deeper than the pot). Mix some bone meal at the bottom of the hole. About 3 cups per hole is optimum.

Note: The plants won’t use this phosphorus immediately now but in a year when their roots get into that zone they’ll really like it.)

Mix the displaced soil with equal amount of peat. East of the cascades use even more peat if possible. Then fill half of the hole back with  this mixture. Slightly tap the filled mixture so that the water capilary system is restore and the mixture won’t settle with water.

Now take the plants out of the pot, break the root cluster slightly so that they spread; without damaging them.As you lay the root into the hole try to spread it as much as possible.

Note:If you are planting in spring, mix the remaining mixture with two cups of the organic fertilizer (see below). Never fertilize your plants in fall as they become susceptible to winter damage.

Finally fill the hole with the plant in it, with the remaining mixture in such a way that it mounds. The blueberry plant should be 3-4 inches above the ground level and the soil should mound from the crown. This allows water to drain away from the crown.

Planting the bushes higher than that helps with root diseases but makes the plant susceptible to drought in summers. Tap the soil slightly around the soil to restore water capillary system. Water deeply, immediately. In spring I would use either a soluble fish fertilizer (Alaska) or Miracle grow. Again don’t use this if planting in fall to avoid winter damage.

planting instructions

Spring: Fertilize about 2 cups per month per plant of the below from March to June

planting instructions

Summer: Water regularly each week from mid-June to Sept. East of cascades, may require even more water.

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Winter: Prune the plants after their second year any time when they are dormant. Preferably in Feb. .

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Organic Fertilizer: 3 parts Cottonseed meal (or any other meal except Canola), 1 part of Kelp, 1 part of rock phosphate or bone meal