Henna blueberry Farm

Henna Blueberry Farm

Our U Pick blueberry farm is located in the fertile Snoqualmie River Valley in Fall City. We’re surrounded by a pristine slough that is home to marsh plants and critters.

We are about 30 minutes from Seattle, and 15 minutes from Redmond.

Our blueberries are on 15 acres. We grow 10 varieties of blueberries. Duke, bluecrop, reka are the dominant varieties. The fertile floodplain soil of Snoqualmie River makes our berries uniquely sweet and delicious.

 Although we’re not certified organic, we don’t use any synthetic pesticides or chemical sprays on berries. We do use a natural fungicide in very early spring to control mummyberry disease which is so common in our region. This fungicide is also allowed in organic farming.


Everest Camp Trek

We have more than 10 different varieties of blueberries in our fields

Walking Holidays

We have two locations about 5 miles apart in Fallcity and Carnation